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  • Zoi Diva

    Doğum Tarihi: 9.3.1978
    Doğduğu Ülke: Türkiye
    Yaşadığı Yer: İstanbul
    Boy: 168 cm
    Vücut Tipi: Zayıf
    Göz Rengi: Kahverengi
    Saç Rengi: Kahverengi
    Saç Boyu: Uzun
    Eğitim: Lisans
    Dil: İngilizce

    Based in istanbul TR, Zoidiva , the diva of Life, Electronic dance music , trance and pop rock music recording vocal, singer and songwriter Zoi Diva has been working over 10 years independently in the production side of music world with her musical collaborators around the world via internet . She is working in stock exchange company however it is her passion and dream to be recognized more world wide in music production world . Her song “Love moves away” was chosen for the L.A. movie “On a dark and stormy night” after being spotted on her myspace!! (www.myspace.com/zoidiva )which was the same way her main producer SonicBoy (Tony Hunt) discovered her a few years before! From the early days working with Mexico-based Jose Barbosa, Zoidiva now works with John Beagley(UK) electronica/dance/pop rock&trance music producer from UK, worked with Grayson Millar from Vancouver USA ( trance-house ), Chris Christo ( Medras) House&Lounge producer from Greece ( Their track Medras Feat Zoidiva Tricky Love Lounge style track has been placed in Sony Music Switzerland Red Campari various artists Album on 2010) ,she collaborated with other producers around the worl and in Turkey. What was even more unusual, was the fact that Zoidiva was Turkish but only sang in English!” Something she preferred since childhood as it turned out! That all changed late 2008, when she and producer SonicBoy set about writing a track specifically for the Turkish market! “Sonsuz Kahraman” or “Endless Hero” also caught the attention of an independent film director, who thought the song’s mood fit his movie perfectly, the results of which you can see throughout the music video. Zoidiva had her first EP out in 2007, and a Single in 2008 on the SonicBoy label (on iTunes), and has featured in many indie magazines across Europe, and in the U.S. and of course in her own country Turkey, where she has also had exposure on TV shows!. Her main focus has always been on songwriting and production! Currently she is working on new projects with trance and house and electronic music producers from Europe ,UK and from different countries. Her latest release is from O.S.S. Blue (GERMANY) Emre Yıldız ft Zoidiva - NO ESCAPE is loved a lot by her worlwide friends , fans and being promoted on various web radios and DJ Sets. Lately she also made vocals for another independent USA MOVİE soundtrack theme song ( LOVE in DEAD PLACES) where the track is written by her long time collaborate- musician friend John Beagley . Expect more wonderful tracks from her in the future! .

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    Müzik Türleri : Electronik, Elektro Rock, Pop, Pop Rock , Techno, Trance, Lounge, Reklam Müziği, Dünya Müziği, Slow
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    Zoi Diva:
    Tarih: 15.03.2013 23:35

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